Smartmask reutilizable On Foot

Copptech antibacterial technology

Mascarilla reutilizable On Foot

Eliminates bacteria with 99.9% effectiveness

In an INTELLIGENT mask with COPPTECH technology based on the properties of copper and zinc that fights bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms.

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Reusable mask

It is the only REUSABLE mask with patented copptech technology. It is composed with a combined solution of copper and zinc with biocidal properties that applied to our smart mask eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic organisms in a few hours.

Thanks to this innovation, the smart mask eliminates and kills microorganisms from the contact surfaces, creating a protective barrier between sources of infection and people.

The active ingredients of Copptech are released in contact with moisture, causing a rupture in the membrane of the cells of pathogenic microorganisms, creating a hostile environment that leads to multiple failures in their vital functioning, killing bacteria in a very short time.

Mascarillas reutilizables
Mascarillas 20 lavados

You don't need to wash it daily

Thanks to the biocidal properties of the smart mask and because the copptech tissue self-disinfects in a few hours.

It is reusable and can be machine washed 20 times keeping all its properties. The studies carried out confirm that depending on the hours of use, the smart mask can last between 3 and 5 months, which makes it a highly durable and environmentally friendly mask.

Healthy face mask

IT IS A HEALTHY MASK, because it is composed of zinc that has beneficial properties for the skin: it repairs small wounds, reduces dermatitis, fights acne, improves circulation and prevents our face from being irritated by prolonged use of the mask.

Mascarillas saludables
Mascarillas certificadas UNE0065 Y CWA17533

Certified product UNE0065 and CWA17533

It is a CERTIFIED PRODUCT THAT COMPLIES WITH REGULATIONS It has a national certificate UNE0065 and a European certificate CWA17533. It is made in Spain but the different tests carried out in international pharmaceutical laboratories such as Eurofins BioPharma also support and confirm its effectiveness.

Variety of color and fit

Available in MANY COLOR AND ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS with an offer for adults and children, possibility of ear or nape support, and a wide range of colors.

Mascarillas tallas
How it works

How it works

Through research that has been patented, we have shown that combining active ingredients such as copper and zinc, we can deliver a biocidal action eliminating 99.9% of fungi and bacteria.

Through this innovation, Copptech can eliminate microorganisms from contact surfaces by creating a protection barrier between the source of infection and people.

Copptech’s active ingredients are released upon contact with moisture generating a rupture in the membrane of the pathogenic microorganism cells. This action creates a hostile environment for bacteria, generating all kind of vital misfunctions. Staring with a rupture of the cellular membrane, affecting vital enzymatic processes of the molecule and the process of cellular respiration, having a loss of nutrients and finally ending with the elimination of the microorganism.

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